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Automatic three-sided two wires crimping machine WPM-038F
Automatic three-sided two wires crimping machine WPM-038F
  • Automatic Three-sided Two Wires Crimping Machine WPM-038F

  • Item No : WPM-038F

  • Automatic Three-sided Two Wires Crimping Machine
    Power: AC220v/50/60hz
    Functions: 2 Different Wires Cutting, Stripping, One Side Crimping Both Wires In One Terminal, Another Side Each Wire Crimping A Different Terminal 3.
    Capacity: 4000pcs/h(L=150MM)
    Wire Range: AWG28#-AWG16#(can Be Customized)
    Cutting Length: 65-9999mm(can Be Customized)
    Cutting Accuracy: 0.5mm+cutting Lengthx0.2%
    Stripping Length: 0.5-8mm(can Be Customized)
    Crimping Force: 2.0T
    Crimping Stroke:30mm(40mm Is Optional)
    Applicator Range: OTP Applicator, European Applicator, And Korean Applicator.
    Air Pressure: 5-6kgf
    Size: 1090*1000*1980mm

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Detailed description

automatic three-sided two wires crimping machine
It's a fully automatic wire harness processing machine, complete with two wires cutting, stripping, and 3 ends terminal crimping.
technical parameters can be set on plc controlled touch display with an English operation interface. machine controlled by
a powerful servo motor ensures the precision of cutting length, cutting tolerance, stripping, and crimping. with a different feeding
tubes for feeding different wire sizes from AWG28# to AWG16#. OTP horizontal mold and straight mold can be used in 
this machine, European mold, or Korean mold can be used as well.
Power: AC220v/50/60hz
Functions: 2 different wires cutting, stripping, one side crimping both wires in one terminal, another side each wire crimping a different terminal 3.
Capacity: 4000pcs/h(L=150MM)
Wire range: AWG28#-AWG16#(can be customized)
Cutting length: 65-9999mm(can be customized)
Cutting accuracy: 0.5mm+cutting lengthx0.2%
Stripping length: 0.5-8mm(can be customized)
Crimping force: 2.0T
Crimping stroke:30mm(40mm is optional)
Applicator range: OTP applicator, European applicator, and Korean applicator.
Air pressure: 5-6kgf
Size: 1090*1000*1980mm

processing result display
sample display of three-sided two wires crimping machine
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