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Manual tensile tester WPM-490N
Manual tensile tester WPM-490N
  • Manual Tensile Tester WPM-490N

  • Item No : WPM-490N

  • Manual Tensile Tester, Tensile Strength Tester, Wire Harness Tension Tester, Elmendorf Tearing Strength Tester
    Testing Range      0-490N
    Inventory Type      5,10,20,30,50 
    Grip Slipper Stroke      70mm
    Clamping Pincers Stroke      9mm
    Chuck Adjustment      10mm
    Weight      20kg
    Dimension      600*185*190mm

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Detailed description
manual tensile tester, tensile strength tester, wire harness tension tester, elmendorf tearing strength tester
1. Test the tensile strength of electrical wire and optical conductor;
2. Test the clamping force of the wire and terminal;
3. Test the fixed force of the terminal and insulator;
4. Test the connecting force of the joint or connector.

 Testing range      0-490N
Inventory type      5,10,20,30,50 
Grip slipper stroke      70mm
Clamping pincers stroke      9mm
Chuck adjustment      10mm
Weight      20kg
Dimension      600*185*190mm
manual tensile tester

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