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Heavy wire cutting Coiling binding machine WPM-HCRO
Heavy wire cutting Coiling binding machine WPM-HCRO
  • Heavy Wire Cutting Coiling Binding Machine WPM-HCRO

  • Item No : WPM-HCRO

  • Heavy Wire Cutting Coiling Binding Machine, Automatic Wire Winding Machine, Wire Binding Machine, Coil Binding Machine
    Winding Distance: 70-180mm (line) /140-220mm (pipe)
    Applicable Wire: USB/DC/2 Tube /3.
    Cutting Line Precision:60mm.
    Tie Diameter:< 50mm.
    Head Length: 40-130mm
    Suitable For The Belt: Rubber Core.
    Length Of Cut: 3-30m
    Winding Appearance: Circle Double - Type.
    Theoretical Output: No More Than 700PCS/H

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Detailed description
heavy wire cutting coiling binding machine, automatic wire winding machine, wire binding machine, coil binding machine
new, automatic cutting wire, double circle around the circle;
suitable size wire small USB cable to the power wire DC wire;
speed can reach 700 / hour, saving labor;
Simple and easy to maintain
winding after the beautiful appearance, generous, neat, easy packaging;
Humane design reduces employee fatigue intensity;
imported from Japan's original SMC cylinder, a full set of Taiwan's Airtronics pneumatic original device.
Usage: Twisting
Winding distance: 70-180mm (line) /140-220mm (pipe)
Applicable wire: USB/DC/2 tube /3.
Cutting line precision:60mm.
Tie Diameter:< 50mm.
Head length: 40-130mm
Suitable for the belt: rubber core.
Length of cut: 3-30m
Winding appearance: circle double - type.
Theoretical output: no more than 700PCS/H

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