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Heavy-duty Large Cable Cutting Stripping Machine WPM-30-300
Heavy-duty Large Cable Cutting Stripping Machine WPM-30-300
  • Heavy-duty Large Cable Cutting Stripping Machine WPM-30-300

  • Item No : WPM-30-300

  • Large Cable Cutting Stripping Machine, Thick Jacket Wire Stripping Machine, Powered Cable Stripping Machine

    Display 10-inch True Color Touch Screen

    Features Multi-station Skinning (V Knife/round Knife Piercing)
    Wire Type Wires, Sheathed Cables, Etc.
    Stripping Range 30-300 Mm2
    Cutting Length 10mm-99999.99mm
    Cutting Tolerance Within 0.002*L (mm) (L=cutting Length)
    Stripping Length
    Front Stripping:1-1000mm(head)

    Tail Stripping::1-300mm (Tail)

    Maximum Diameter Of The Catheter Φ15~50mm

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Detailed description
The induction large cable cutting stripping machine, thick jacket wire stripping machine, powered cable stripping machine

Process hard-to-peel cables, such as new energy charging pile harnesses, charging gun harnesses and new energy high-voltage shielded wires

Applicable wire sizes: 30 to 300 mm2

Use special axial positioning and advanced rotary tool holder to improve accuracy and speed

The induction menu dialogue control system makes it easy to set parameters

Double blades to replace without calibration

Automatically identify machining centers to greatly increase productivity

Self-aligning and motor-driven enhance the program control

Digital display cutting wire diameter

The high quality imported pneumatic components make it more energy-efficient, more stable, and more durable

Display    10-inch true color touch screen

Features  Multi-station skinning (V knife/round knife piercing)

Wire type Wires, sheathed cables, etc.

Stripping range 30-300 mm2

Cutting length  10mm-99999.99mm

Cutting tolerance     Within 0.002*L (mm) (L=cutting length)

Stripping length Front stripping:1-1000mm(head)

Tail stripping::1-300mm (Tail)

Maximum diameter of the catheter   Φ15~50mm

Tool material   High quality imported high-speed steel

Capacity  100-700pcs/h (depending on the length and size of the wire)

Power supply   220V 50HZ

Power      11.7KW

Wire feed 32 wheels, independent servo drive for each group

Knife rest Double servo and double screw

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